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Welcome! Wondering what primal science has to do with you? Well, then, touch your belly button. Feel the you-end of the stem that was your lifeline to your mom when you were curled up inside her womb. Now, feel your way back to when you were a single cell, with no eyes, ears, nose, tongue […]



This is a free educational resource for parents, teachers, and community groups. It works any place where you have a patch of ground with a stick, flagpole, fence post or some other vertical object. (You can also use your own body as the vertical object!) This resource makes use of our first green technology – […]

Heroes of Primal Science

Our primal ancestors developed a survival wisdom that could help us with the challenges we’re facing today. But it’s easy for us to miss the legacy they’ve left us because it flies under the radar of our sophistication. So, let’s squat down, look low, and notice …

The seeds of our ideas are […]

Our Rhythms of Natural Power

By this time tomorrow you will be more than a million and a half miles from where you are now, thanks to the orbiting of our earth around the sun. By this time a year from now you will have completed an almost 600-million-mile journey around the sun. Every time you complete another orbit, you […]

Your Earth Suit

The calcium in our bones, the iron in our blood, the oxygen in our lungs – every element in our earth suits except hydrogen – was originally created in the cosmic furnaces that we call stars. The genesis of these elements was the first great moment in the development of our earth suits – which […]

Stars, Testicles &…

[Note: In 1989 the president of the Astronomical League asked if I would give a talk for the July 1991 total solar eclipse in Hawaii. Many League members would be coming to Hawaii for this. The result was a slide lecture, “Stars, Testicles and Other Navigational Devices of Oceania.” In 1991 I whittled this material […]

See For Yourself…

Will you join me in my back yard so I can show you how easy it is to see the solstices and equinoxes with your own eyes?

As soon as you’re in my yard you notice three tall, narrow rocks – my funky little observatory. This primal technology has no moving parts because it needs […]

Easter, Estrogen & East


Born and raised in the Appalachian mountains of north Georgia, Erwin Dillard lives in a town that bears the name of his ancestors–a place whose main intersection is marked by the only set of stop signs for miles in […]